In the developing nations one of the greatest needs is for buildings that can be used for:

  • churches
  • schools
  • training centres 
  • community projects (including health care and feeding programmes)

Many times the local churches have the vision and the people to do all these things but because of low incomes and high unemployment they lack the resources to purchase land and erect buildings.

Through partnership with indivuals and local churches we seek to give them a hand up not just a hand out. A danger to avoid is not to use our money to control the people we are helping or serving.

Existing Programmes and Projects:

  • Boa Vista, Brazil (north)we are involved with a group that are training the Amerindians who live in the Roraima mountain regions in church leadership and practical skills for everyday living. Also in the city the local churches run a children’s feeding programme.
  • Kireku Ugandawe are supporting and helping to train church leaders as they plant a church in Kireku and in another village about twenty miles away.  Land is expensive so we are able to help with ground rent and some support for Samuel & Deborah Kiko who lead this work.
  • Eluru, Andhra Pradesh India.Over the last seven years this work has grown and now has two sites in close proximity to each other. They have children’s home for 40+ children, free school for 225 pupils, Bible College and a Vocational training college which is government approved. With a work this size the challenge is the day to day costs to feed, clothe and care for so many people. The biggest challenge they are facing right now is to finish the rebuilding of the school to meet goverment standards and to sink a new well which will provide clean water for 200 people on a daily basis. Besides all this as a group of churches they are committed to evangelising the many villages in their region.