Partnership – Your involvement and support

The major emphasis in all that we are doing is about strong personal relationships that work on the basis of partnership between individuals, leaderships and churches. As such we seek to work with others rather than “building our own empire” encouraging people and churches in the UK not just to give to help others but to come into partnership with a particular group or nation. This benefits everyone and gives continuity and also opens the door of opportunity for ministry to flow both ways. Personal involvement by individuals and churches always leads to changed lives and situations.

Key points in partnership:

  • Please pray for people we are helping.
  • Pray for those working with us in Share CF.
  • Write to people in different nations.
  • Ministry opportunities in the UK and abroad – serving in a variety of ways, working with children, adults, all forms of teaching, DIY, sewing etc. We can cater for people from 1 week to 1 year.
  • Your financial giving could help provide schooling for children, or food and clothes in a children’s home. You could also support widows, pastors, or help with building projects. A small amount can go a long way.

£10:00 per month will sponsor a child to church-based school (including a midday meal)
£20:00 per month will support a child in a children’s home (including food, clothes, medical care and schooling)
£30:00 per month will help funding a feeding programme for widows, lepers & HIV-sufferers.
£50:00 per month will support a pastor and his family
Please note 100% of all monies donated will go to the people concerned.